1. Fuck it, I’d try this.  Unless of course the donkeys were somehow hurt by it.  I mean, aside from the opposing team’s donkeys who would feel the burn after my donkeys proved them to be clowns.  Anybody got any leads on how to set this up?


  2. That is some ambitious shit right there.



  4. New Mexico, 1977


  5. Just goes to show you that just because you spend years terrorizing Gotham City, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be rehabilitated and be welcomed back into the community as an upstanding citizen/educator. Sometimes the system does its work, people.


  6. Richard M. Nixon, 1930 — Whittier High School

    What kind of dirt do you think he had on Logue?


  7. Orientalism: Yearbook theme for California high school, 1930.



  9. RIP Harold Ramis (Senn High School, Chicago, 1962).  

    I spent a lot of time watching movies with my friends during my Freshman year of college. One could argue we spent too much time doing that, and they’d probably be right.  We’d buy a pizza and drink beer and watch movies in my friend’s dorm room.  More than once (and I’m guessing on consecutive nights), we watched GhostbustersGroundhog DayCaddyshack,  Animal House, and Stripes.  And we laughed our asses off.  And it was good.  Thanks for all the joy Mr. Ramis.  When someone asks you if you’re a god, say “YES”.

    Obituary in the Chicago Tribune


  10. Sorry kids, don’t want to be that guy, but I have what will probably be frustrating news for you.